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Recently on a cruise this chatter was seen in the company of a male. was this a spin off of the Love Boat. only ihateclownz can fill us in on this lil tibit. **************

This male chatter is known for his amusing gaseous remarks, can we all pitch in and get BK some gas-x? **************

Laura_ was seen in a sex store, she was asking the clerk what does this thing do, and what do i attach it to?? the clerk said beats me lady, i just work here. *************

Lisawithclass was walking along. when a big gust of wind came, and up went her skirt, a few cars had some minor dents. Law officer said what happened, and a guy said..i dunno , i was just looking off and then whoa i saw no painties under tha skirt.. lisa lisa *************

2x-hist seems to be hanging out at the workout place lately, even tho the Iron Den is down the street, 2x rather work out at the Pussy Cats Den. *************

Had an unsual spotting of a couple heading for the Feel Me Up Club. Now why would jaxxx and sweet be going there?

Reed is back in the news, tried to catch him as he was passing by, and he said, i'm a lil busy right now, i have to unload. and no,i did'nt ask him what he was unloading and with whom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

l_cd_l was last winner, winning the 1,000 mojos.
RBKN1 is the winner guessing the pic of Ashton Kutcher

Linette ia winner of 1,000 mojos for guessing the eyes.

more contest will be added soon.

Do You Have a Bad Girl Side? ..take the test...


Ladies and Gentlemen… We are holding another *MSG AUCTION*….. ***MEN/WOMEN AUCTION***. BRING LOTS of MOJO'S and bid on your dream date. Aug. 12th/2007 at 4PM Central Time, Highest Bidder awarded a minimum of a 2 Hour Chat EDATE with Mr./Ms "Wonder Chat", *Your Dream Av*. Lots of FUN, FUN, FUN, TO BE HAD… Any Questions about this Auction, please contact "Charmed002"

We are looking for Men and Women to join our Second "Men and Women Auction", it will be a lot of fun... So if you are interested and want to join, please contact Charmed002 ASAP. Thank you.

A word about the Rumor Has It column

On a daily basis we receive many requests for more information concerning items written about in "Rumor Has It". Our readers want to know if a certain item is about them or they would like to know who a particular item is about. We can have as many as five individuals thinking one rumor is about them. The fact of the matter is that many of these "rumors" could fit many chatters, and it is up to the reader to decide who a particular "rumor" is about. Only the writers know for sure, and sometimes they dont know for certain, as they are only going by what they have heard or received.

As a reader it is up to you to decide if a particular item is about you. You should ask yourself if all of the things mentioned are true in your situation. For example, if the article mentions that an individual has three dogs but you only have two, you should consider the possibility that this article is about someone else. No names are mentioned and many situations can apply to many people. Please consider this before you go around complaining that a story is about you, and that it is all lies. When you do this you are telling everyone that sees your rant, that perhaps it is about you after all, and you have brought an indictment against yourself. If they didn't know before, they do now.



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